hi! i'm вилка стакан, digital kiddie from yekaterinburg

vilka stakan (rus. “вилка стакан”) can be translated as “plug glass”. plug for my laptop and a glass of water for me to stay hydrated

my real name is Vikentiy, but you can call me Vik or Vilk

you can listen to my music on spotify and soundcloud

here is some of my projects:

(will be more soon)

attention.spa — mixed reality tool to get your zoomers' attention

3D-printable Christmas ornament for rappers

Color of The Day — color-as-a-service for everyday use

bonus: Figma plugin

identity & website for Stay ~/ CTF

apparently covid was fun..

if you need to send me money: vilkastakan.eth, vilkastakan.ton, vilkastakan.tez

also here is my PGP pubkey, ssh pubkey


font on logo: Baymax by Ilona Kuzina

web font: Inter by Rasmus Andersson


last update: 11 Aug 2023